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Polymaker Polysher

The Polysmooth Filament and Polysher is the hottest and most eagerly awaited 3D Printing Product in 2018

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The innovative new Polymaker Polysher smoothing machine that changes how we see 3D Printed parts. The Polysher has an airtight design that creates an aerosol of isopropyl alcohol / ethanol which melts the surface of printed parts leaving behind a smooth surface. The Polysher is safe, clean and affordable!

3D printing has witnessed significant advancement over the last couple years. Now we can print bigger, faster, and with a much wider choice of materials. However, one challenge still remains unsolved even today, that is, the surface quality of 3D printed parts.

"At Polymaker we always want to make 3D printing more useful; we want to see 3D printing in real-world applications rather than being used just to print useless trinkets. This has always been our core mission. We, therefore, challenged ourselves to solve this difficult problem. Today we are here with an affirmative answer. We are excited to introduce to you our latest innovation – PolySmooth PVB and Polysher – an entirely new solution to dramatically improve the surface quality of 3D printed parts."


Nebulized Aerosol Polishing

Compatible Material


Polishing Liquid

Isopropanol or ethanol, 70% or above [90% or higher recommended] Polishing Time

10 – 30 min typical (depending on part size)

Product Dimensions

230 x 270 x 370 mm

Maximum Polishable Part Size

Up to a 150 mm (diameter) x 180 mm (height) cylinder [5.9 in (diameter) x 7.1 in (height)]

Operating Temperature

15 – 32 °C

Storage Temperature

0 – 38 °C

Power Requirements

100 – 240 V, 2A max, 50/60 Hz

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